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Project Description
Chrome extension that prevent automatic video playing on

Ynet is a great site, but the auto-playing embedded videos can be extremely annoying. For some reasons, the site designers overlook or ignore the fact that people use tabs these days, and one might open a bunch of tabs before reviewing each one of the pages. When this is done, multiple pages start to play their content, creating a disturbing noise.

QuieNet is a Chrome extension that prevents movies from being automatically played. The extension hooks Ynet pages, and replaces media player with a stub. When the stub is clicked by the user, the original player is restored, and the movie is played.

Please note that I'm not a web programmer, and know pretty little JavaScript and HTML. If you can:
  • Make the current code more efficient or proper
  • Add support to other auto-playing sites
  • Contribute in any other way
-- you're welcome to join me!

The packed extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

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